人文地理学会 第63回都市圏研究部会(開催日:2018年6月12日)


第63回 都市圏研究部会

大阪市北区梅田1-2-2-600 大阪駅前第2ビル6階

趣旨:物流・交通旅客流動と地域の結びつきについて近年でも精力的に論文を発表され,Journal of Transport Geography の Editor も務めるケヴィン・オコナー氏(メルボルン大学名誉教授)をお迎えし,ご講演いただきます。

テーマ:Air Transport and Urban Development in the Asia Pacific region

講演者:Kevin O’Connor(Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne)

ABSTRACT: A well-developed array of research has shown that airports and air transport are fundamental influences upon current trends in urban development. Most analysis of the connections between these two influences have emphasised global city functions and rank as a key determinants on the outcomes for individual cities. This presentation explores the idea that the linkages within an intra-Asian context maybe a more important influence on change in the fortunes of Asian cities. It begins by identifying the scale and geography of intra-Asian linkages, as explored in previous research and as seen in recent trends in air transport. It then moves on to develop a research framework to analyse three elements of intra-Asian mobility: business, tourism and migration. It shows the emerging Asian geographies in these activities and how airlines (in particular low cost carriers) are reacting to these geographies. The presentation will conclude with an outline of possible research methodologies that could be used to describe and account for the part that intra-Asian linkages will play in economic outcomes in cities across the region.

Emeritus Professor Kevin O’Connor has a Master of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and a PhD from McMaster University Canada. He spent 25 years in the Department of Geography at Monash University before being appointed Professor of Urban Planning in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne in July 2003. He was appointed Emeritus Professor following retirement in 2008.

His research, funded by international and national research agencies, and published in major international journals, has explored the links between the economic system (particularly services) and the growth and internal structure of cities. A long term interest has been the influence of airline and airport activity on the economic role of metropolitan areas, with a recent focus on logistics services. He has explored those interests in global, Asia-Pacific and Australian contexts.

His reputation in international research on transportation was reflected in the invitation to give the Fleming Memorial Lecture in Transportation Geography at a meeting of the American Association of Geographers. He is the Associate Editor, Asia-Pacific, for the Journal of Transport Geography, and a member of the International Advisory Committee of the annual International Conference held by the Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies. He has reviewed proposals for research bodies in the US, Canada, the EU, Qatar and Australia.

An Australian focus of his research was presented in a book outlining links between economic activity and cities in Australia entitled The New Economic Geography of Australia: A Society Dividing (Oxford University Press) published in 2001. This book received an award for Planning Scholarship from the Australian Planning Institute in 2002.


ゲスト司会:堤 純(筑波大学),松本秀暢(神戸大学)

E-mail: yamagami(at)center.wakayama-u.ac.jp




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